Getting started

Getting started has always been the hardest task for me. As for now, this is the first time to get started on WordPress, which makes it even harder. But the easiest way to introduce a new blog has to be introducing the person behind the blog. So let’s talk about me (which is surprisingly easy).

I am a 19 years old college graduate who currently works as a solitary intern at the psych ward near my hometown. I enjoy coffee too much. Besides that, I also enjoy art, poetry, exploring, photography and astronomy. From time to time my stubborn head puts me in quite some trouble. As an ambitious but also lazy person, I often enough slide headfirst into an existential crisis, but these are easily solved by a few guitar jammin’ and meditation sessions. I am a professional tree climber and take too many selfies. My fashion sense is aguably the best you’ve ever seen. Just kidding, I am a giant nerd putting their life on the internet – now also via WordPress!

Getting started

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